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Returning Visitors

If you have visited AGHA Gift Fairs before, you need to confirm your details to activate your registration for 2018.

Once completed correctly you will receive a personalised Print@Home entry badge which is now required for entry, two weeks before the Sydney Gift Fair. Simply print and bring it to the Gift Fair for priority, fast-track entry. Alternatively, we can scan the badge from a smart device.

Click here to confirm and/or update your details online.

Please Note, registration is valid for one calendar year only, no matter at what point of the year you register. If you register between October-December, then your registration will expire in December the following year.

AGHA Retailer Members

Good News! As part of your AGHA Retailer Membership, we have automatically activated your registration for 2018. You will receive your VIP, Retailer Member Print@Home entry badge, two weeks before the Sydney Gift Fair.

New Visitors

If you are visiting for the first time, click here to register to attend in 4 quick and easy steps.