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Visual Merchandising

When you are exhibiting at AGHA Gift Fairs, it is important to consider how you want to present your stand and differentiate your business from other exhbititors by using the latest visual merchandising techniques. 

By using the following methods, you can easily develop a visually pleasing stand that sells your inventory, demonstrates your unique selling proposition and helps the customer to make their purchasing decision. 

So, what are the design basics?

Product Placement

  • The visual presentation of your products must entice customers and convince them to keep shopping at your stand.

  • Well-planned placement of your best products will catch the eye and create excitement to get to the display, working in tandem with your selling strategy and positively influencing the purchasing decision of customers.

Signage & Branding

  • Your stand needs to represent the ‘voice’ of your brand and business. Make sure your branding is consistent and easily identified, from your logo to the colour scheme, fixtures and fittings.

  • Retail signage does more than tell the price, and can complete a display, reinforce a promotion or educate the customer about a product.


  • An imaginative use of colour enhances your stand and helps convey the central message of your business. Colour can be added through the effective use of fabrics, flags, banners and graphics.

  • Plants and flowers may also soften an exhibition display, filling gaps or concealing dead areas. Used in the right way for maximum impact, strong colour merchandising can stop people in their tracks.


  • Overhauling your merchandise and stand build will always entice and attract new buyers. Visitors don't want to see the same stand and stock at every Gift Fair.

  • Changes can be dramatic, or simple. Refreshing your display and product mix creates a renewed experience for both you and the visitor.

For further information, pick up a copy of Retail Revamp: The No-Nonsense Guide to Visual Merchandising & Display