Rowen Bavinton provides a snapshot of the inspiring new product range on offer at Boyle Industries.

Boyle Industries 450x200

The traditional cowhide rug is considered to be a classic decorating element by interior designers, evolving over time to become a luxurious and fashionable accessory in modern homes and favoured for its durability.

Australian wholesaler Boyle Industries has sourced and supplied authentic Brazilian cowhides for six years, with an exciting new range of exotic Reindeer hides to be unveiled at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair in February 2018.

Speaking to the Australian Gift & Homewares Association, Boyle Industries director Rowen Bavinton said strong market demand has kept the business introducing new and often niche homewares, alongside its extensive selection of art and craft supplies, toys, furniture and giftware.

“Several customer requests had us extend our range of hides to include the newly launched, exotic Reindeer hides, all the way from Scandinavia. Each one is hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest standards available in Australia,” he explained.

“To complement this new category, we will also launch cowhide and leather furniture at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair. It’s the most economical way to showcase a selection of these products to our new and existing customers in a professional and customer-friendly venue.”

First established in 1977, the business has exhibited at AGHA trade events for the past 30 years, and now sends 22 pallets of goods and fixtures along with a dedicated team of 10 staff from its warehouse in Victoria to put it all together.

“In our opinion, AGHA holds the most well organised, aesthetically attractive and cost-effective gift trade fairs in Australia, especially when comparing the costs per square metre to other options,” Bavinton said. 

“We started at these trade events with beautiful French millinery and now have a very strong business with over 400 products for our stockists including chain stores, gift shops, furniture stores, pharmacies, news agencies and online retailers.”

Register now to discover the new range from Boyle Industries, stand 2V12 at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 24-27 February 2018.