Creating a miniature fairy garden has become increasingly popular in Australia over the past few years.

AGHA Sydney Gift Fair exhibitor Jopaz has launched exciting new children's toys. 

It is a wonderful way of interacting with children, or grandchildren, whilst encouraging their imaginations and love of the garden. 

The latest new fairies and fairy gardening accessories from Jopaz have just arrived in stock ahead of their official launch at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

This collection has an emphasis on interactive play within the whimsical world of a fairy garden.

For example, the sails of the Windmill House can be turned, whilst the door opens to welcome the fairies and for little ones to explore inside.

There is playground equipment including swings, see-saw and a magical spiral slide for all to enjoy.

The Ivy Wishing Well has a crank handle that can be turned to raise and lower the water bucket.

Plus, the long-span of the Wooden Bridge makes it perfect for use with streams or ponds in the fairy garden. 

The new Koi Pond is designed to sink into the surrounding soil and then fill with water.

There is also a floating Lily Pad while the Fishing Fairy Friends with their feet dangling in the water are enjoying the cool respite whilst sheltering from the sun!

Wholesale prices for the new fairy garden collection range from $3.30 to $4.50 for some of the new fairies, through to $19 for the Windmill House with opening door.