Megan Fordham on the inspiration behind new Aussie Diamond Boxes.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds 450x200

AGHA Sydney Gift Fair exhibitor Australian Chocolate Diamonds provides a unique opportunity for domestic and international travellers to own vibrant jewellery pieces and a small piece of Australia’s natural beauty.

Operated by parent company Bolton Gems, Australian Chocolate Diamonds are authentic Argyle diamonds mined straight from the red earth of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds recently transitioned into the gifts and souvenirs market and launched Aussie Diamond Boxes in early 2017 as an affordable option for fashion-forward tourists who enjoyed the popular Australian Chocolate Diamonds range.

Speaking to the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA), marketing and brand development manager Megan Fordham said that the Aussie Diamond Boxes range was inspired by two distinct elements.

“Firstly, we wanted to allow consumers who loved the Australian Chocolate Diamonds to have an opportunity to purchase a piece with a lower price point,” Fordham explained.

“Secondly, we see these jewellery pieces as a wonderful way to capture the Australian adventure. We believe it is a great talking point for gifting as these jewellery pieces are different, beautiful and everlasting.”

A regular mainstay at jewellery trade shows around Australia, Fordham listed the biggest benefits gained by exhibiting at an AGHA Gift Fair as meeting new clients, making new connections, and gaining brand awareness.

“Australian Chocolate Diamonds exhibited for the first time at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair in August 2017 and found the event staff to be extremely helpful and accommodating. Previously, we had only exhibited at jewellery fairs, so we really enjoyed the different clientele,” she explained.

Fordham said that all types of stockists are welcome to see, try and buy the new Aussie Diamond Boxes range and particularly highlighted retailers with wide access to visiting tourists.

“We’re looking for any buyer that shares the same love for the product as we do and has an audience of travellers. With the upcoming Commonwealth Games, tourism will be at a high and this will lead to more opportunities for retailers,” she said.

Find your own piece of Australia’s natural beauty at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

Register now to see Australian Chocolate Diamonds, stand 3X7 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 24-27 February 2018.