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Categories: Toys, gifts and accessories

Perfect for: Toy shops, newsagents, book shops, gift shops, museums and pharmacies

What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

We are launching six new brands at the Melbourne Gift Fair this year:

  1. Sassi Junior – this is a range of FSC Certified and environmentally made puzzle and book sets, books and construction. Beautifully illustrated with fabulous detail.
  2. Leolandia Craft Construction - this Polish designed and made range of craft provides endless parameters for creativity - from making the model to decorating it with the child's personal touches and favourite looks. They are perfect to boost children’s creativity and develop their manual abilities.
  3. Kiddus Sunglasses and Watches – Designed in Spain, Kiddus provides a quality range of baby, toddler and child sunglasses to protect their precious eyes from the sun. Kiddus also has a range of digital and analogue watches perfect for chidlren to tackle telling the time.
  4. Skrallan Dolls – This 45cm soft-bodied huggable doll is a classic talking doll with a unique character and high quality accessories. She is a huggable best friend who talks 24 different sentences and laughs. They also have a great range of clothing.
  5. Anna and David - bathable 36 cm dolls which come in a bath cape and with a rubber duckie and a great range of clothing.
  6. Plasto I’m Green range – Plasto Toys bear the Finnish Flag of Quality and are made in an environmentally friendly manner and to a quality that is made to last. Now in a further step they are producing sand toys in a new I’m Green range from sugar cane which provides a negative foodprint.

What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

We look for quality ranges that are well-designed and, that we believe, provide a point of difference to our target markets in their own categories. Now more than ever we are looking at their environmental production impact too.

What is your point of difference?

Axis Toys prides itself on sourcing reliable, well-made toys and gifts and supporting this with good customer service to ensure that we are seen as reliable.

What is the story behind your products?

With Leolandia and Sassi Junior we were looking for educational activities under an eco banner that were available under a great price point.

For Kiddus, we saw an opportunity to provide reliable watches and Australian-standard sunglasses, again, at a great price point and with a wide choice of options.

For Skrallan, we felt there was a gap in the market for a talking toddler look-alike doll that was at the $100 price point. This range is part of the Micki range who we have worked with for over 13 years so it was an opportunity for us to head the export launch.

For Anna and David, we needed a bathable doll that was anatomically correct in our stable and again, being under the Micki banner this provide us both an opportunity.

For Plasto, we love the quality of Plasto and have stocked the range for many years so are thrilled they are now following a lower carbon footprint production offering.

Register now to see Axis Toys at Stand 16A at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (Doors 7-10) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017, or view their Instagram and Facebook accounts.