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Categories: Toys, Children's gifts & lifestyle products

Perfect for: Quality Toy shops, Children's boutiques & gift stores, Newsagents and Pharmacies.

What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

We will be presenting an extensive collection of new items from across our brands. Prepare to discover an exciting mix of whimsical, inspiring, adventurous, educational, enchanting and classic items, many of them made from natural materials such as wood and organic cotton. Upcoming releases include new additions to our popular Unicorn Collection, new outdoor gadgets and craft sets in the Nature Zoom range, lovely new wooden toys for toddlers including a new range of wooden musical instruments, pretend play items, gardening sets and more!

What is your point of difference?

All of our products originate from Europe and stand out through their design and quality. Many of them are handmade, have intricate details, classic or retro-inspired designs. Our products are niche and cannot be found in chain stores or the majors.

What is the story behind your brand/s and/or products?

BeesKnees Imports have been importing and distributing beautifully made European toys and children’s gifts since 2005. Each of our brands have been selected for their high standards of design, materials, educational value, craftsmanship and safety and for their distinctive product ranges. HESS-SPIELZEUG, an award winning German family business, has been producing wooden toys for babies and toddlers in a small town in the Ore Mountains in Southeast Germany for 25 years. Their extensive and beautiful range of products is still 100% made in Germany and partly handmade. The toys are made from high-quality FSC certified European wood and are produced under environmentally friendly conditions and using only carefully selected non-toxic materials.

Swedish brand OSKAR&ELLEN offers an enchanting range of imaginative handmade fair-trade fabric toys and room accessories. Each item is created with intricate hand sewn details and manufactured in a series of small, responsibly run studios in the Philippines. A touch of whimsy runs throughout, with a sweet colour palette and an unending sense of charm. oskar&ellen are fully committed to creating products that enable and encourage imaginative and educational play, to supplying the very highest quality, and to ethical production.  

The SPIEGELBURG brand was developed by the German publishing company Coppenrath. This once traditional publishing house has become one of the most well-known children's books publishing companies in Germany, creating story and picture books that are of superior graphic quality and always comprise something special. The popular heroes from these books come alive in Spiegelburg’s collections with a whole world of products created around them - a world that is magical, adventurous, pretty, colourful and fascinating.

Dutch company KEPTIN-JR’s range of natural comforters is made in Europe from certified organic cotton and filled with pure sheep's wool. All toys are produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Durable fabrics, no small parts and reinforced stitching make these toys perfect for babies and young children. The simple designs of the toys stimulate the child's creativity and imagination, and the natural fabrics easily absorb and maintain the child's scent and body temperature.

German brand PLAYMAIS prides itself in continuing to defy global trends of toy production by developing and manufacturing PlayMais in Germany. For this company ‘environmentally friendly’ isn't just a theory, they trend set the standards for intelligent use of our planet's resources. The PlayMais range of creative craft materials and craft activity sets is made from natural maize using corn grits from the whole corn kernel, thereby cutting out the high energy consuming step of separating out the starch. The company grows their own organic corn close to the processing site. All organic matter not used in the production process is used as fuel for the company’s biogas station, which in turn provides electricity, heating, and cooling for the premises. Leftovers from the biogas station are in turn used as the basis for fertilizer used on the fields for the next season's corn and with only water and food colouring added to the corn grits, the PlayMais material is biodegradable and 100% safe.

Register now to see Beesknees Imports at Stand 30P at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (Doors 7-10) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017, or view their Instagram and Facebook accounts.