Delight your customers with stock from Designer Gifts For Men at Stand 3D3.

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6a53ad1911c247c3abf5e04072b092c0What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair?

Across 3 of our brands there are new additions to their range. first Lifestyle & product image relates to Hygge Watches. Hygge is a Danish term synonymous for their known sense of happiness and lifestyle. Hygge watches aim for that same sense of personal satisfaction & well-being for the wearer. We will launch the new 2089 Series as worn by the model in the product feature image.

TROIKA Germany is launching the latest in its Construction pen series. The series now will include sets like pen & compass in cases. The whole TROIKA Construction pen is a continually evolving & successful story for the TROIKA brand.

AtmoSphere Globes from Italy work with Danish designers too, to bring the humble globe of the world into the 21st Century. Adding a globe of the world to compliment the decor of a room is now so much easier when it is one with a modern twist, like those from AtmoSPhere.


What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

The inspiration behind our product ranges is twofold: good design & quality. A product that is well designed is aesthetically pleasing for many years.

What is the story behind your brands?

The TROIKA story is one of filling that ‘gap’ for ideas on what women are comfortable to buy as a men’s gift. Nothing too technical, something with a bit of flair & fun.

Essey is all about good design and in particular design that symbolises function.


AtmoSphere is the oldest globe-maker in Europe. made in Italy, the company is still family owned & operated. They continue to be passionate about up-to-date geographical information on well-constructed globes.

Hygge watches are keen to infuse their customers with Danish contentment (hygge). Theie aim is to design quality watches that are simple but eye-catching, giving joy to the wearer.

Delight your customers with stock from Designer Gifts For Men at Stand 3D3 during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.