Envirotrend can be found at Stand 4W20.

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Perfect for: All buyers as our products fit into nearly all types of retail outlets

What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

With new designs we try to stay with nature as a theme as looking after the Earth is a strong desire the company holds.

9419983e5f2f45ab956518b0a561f7a1What is your point of difference?

We make products that are clever. With the POP! Travel Hats for example, there are thousands of hats but none as handy as one that folds away neatly and can tuck in your handbag or backpack for when you need it.

What is the story behind your products?

The philosophy of EnviroTrend® is to reduce unnecessary waste by spreading the environmental message through creative design and quality environmentally friendly products.

Following the success of the initial products, we have now expanded into travel centric products maintaining the clever fold up functionality that makes the product practical to store as well as use. Such as the PAKitToMe back pack, the FoldAway Traveller duffle style bag, the SPLASHitToMe fold up raincoat for adults and kids and there are even EnviroChill bags and soy wax travel candles.6196ec87f7ac46ef986ebd0d25c2b94b

EnviroTrend® products make a great practical gift for friends, neighbours, co-worker, teachers and practical yet fun stocking stuffers.

Envirotrend can be found at Stand 4W20 at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.