Register now to see Kisaku at Stand 87W in The Launch Pad at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017.

Categories: Gifts, homewares and accessories

Perfect for: Boutiques, department stores

What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

Accessories, scarves, kitchen and home decor collections.

What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

Fair trade ethical products which are heritage-inspired and of modern design.

What is your point of difference?

We work directly with the Indonesian artisans and designers, we have access to more than 4,000 artisans across Indonesia. Part of our profit is set aside to form MicroEduLoan which is used to up-skill the creative talents.

What is the story behind your brand?

Kisaku is derived from the Indonesian word “Kisahku” which means “My Story”.

Kisaku is all about…

  • prints and patterns that carry with them stories of yesteryears,
  • fabric and designs that accentuate our personalities, and
  • lending a hand to the future generations who will keep our stories going.

Kisaku has two goals. One, that it will become a platform for Indonesian artisans and crafters to promote their product overseas, starting with Australia. Secondly, that it will provide a channel for professionals and entrepreneurs alike, such as yourself, to take part in shaping the future generation in any way that you can. Be it through your mentoring time, a seed fund for the education loan or just through purchasing one of the many ethically sourced products in the offer.

For every purchase through Kisaku, a percentage of the profit will be set aside for setting the MicroEduLoan. The educational micro fund will be accessible to the eligible talented young generations allowing them to pursue a skill-enhancing course of their choice. Kisaku will also provide a mentoring program to guide these young talents to succeed in the workplace.

We work with Indonesian artisans and craftpeople through partnering organisations. One thing in common among our partners is they share our vision to promote, sustain and share Indonesia's rich culture and heritage with the world. We all hope to create better living world for the future generations through craftsmanship and innovation and hence, keeping the stories going.

One of our partners aims to economically empower women of childbearing age by facilitating relationships between female wicker weavers and customers, providing alternative employment to subsistence agriculture and thus reducing unsafe pregnancy among the women.

Another supplier works with female inmates, teaching them craft skills to sew dresses for our much loved Batik girl dolls. The proceed from the sales of the dolls will be used to support the female inmates. Through past program of "1000 Batik Girls for Indonesia" and the current program "1000 Batik Girls for ASEAN", we support the kids from unfortunate families such as street kids or kids who are undergoing medical treatments, without much support from their marginalised parents.

Some other suppliers provide women empowerment programs by teaching the women from the marginalised neighbourhood craft skills so they could earn some decent living for their families.

Yet another supplier works to redefine Batik-making process involving mathematical formula from computer program so that the younger generation is attracted to explore their creativity and apply that to the Batik-making process.

Register now to see Kisaku at Stand 87W in The Launch Pad at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017, or view their Instagram and Facebook accounts.