Pick up the SoL Cups from SoL Products in The Launch Pad at Stand 4S1.

Gifts, homewares, coffee/drink ware, glass ware, corporate gifts, kitchen, sustainable productsSOL PRODUCTS

Perfect for: Cafes, pharmacies, gift stores, newsagents, homeware stores, kitchen stores and food schools, boutique shops, department stores, franchise stores, shopping centres


What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair?

Hand blown glass, chemical free, re-usable coffee cups!

What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

The name 'SoL' means sun in Spanish, In tie with our logo, our signature zig zags that float behind the silicon sleeve, when you hit the light, just right, represent the sun setting in the waves. Our first launching range of colours have all have been earthy, pastel tones to accompany the Bondi Beach summer season. SoL was born in Bondi Beach, and the true inspiration behind this brand was to solve a few different problems. There was nothing on the market that was sustainably manufactured (hand blown) and therefore didn't impact your health.

f44cf94c1b88401d98cb743e31242edeThere is so much research being shown on the effect takeaway coffee cups have on our health, did you know they are lined with glue and wax? That leaks into your coffee! And of course the environmental element - 1 billion takeaway cups are thrown away just in Australia and not recyclable. Our goal is to stop plastic production at the source. While also taking care of your health. SoL was made with a lot of thought and love.

What is your point of difference?

Our glasses are 100% hand blown, which means they are sustainable manufactured and completely chemical free. Our thermal sleeves are silicon, not plastic and completely food grade and BPA free. Our packaging is unique, beautiful and completely recyclable. Our colour range is in style, in season and always different to anything else on the market.


What is the story behind your brand?

We are for ending waste and embracing taste. Happy, healthy, sustainable and beautiful, we’ve designed our hand blown glass cups using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out.

The reason why we do, what we do is because we aim to share our knowledge and passion of health with as many people as possible. SoL Cups are a practical product with a playful heart – our logo symbolises the sun (‘sol’ in Spanish) and our signature zigzag pattern reflects the ocean waves of our beautiful hometown beach, where we pursue an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Pick up the SoL Cups from SoL Products in The Launch Pad at Stand 4S1 during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.