Artwerx Australia is a family-owned company that has been operating since 2008.

Its main focus is laser cutting and manufacturing for the industrial, commercial and residential industry. 

The company manufactures stainless steel and weathering steel wind spinners and artworks, with a flat pack designed packaging that is used for ease of freight and storage.

Its Premium range of wind spinners use marine grade stainless steel (316 grade), which are highly corrosion resistant and are suitable for beachfront or salt air environments.

Its Designer range of wind spinners uses a hard wearing 304 grade stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and is suitable for outdoor areas away from the coastline.

Its weathering steel artworks use a rusting metal that self-seals and lasts a lifetime. The weathering steel material gives a strong rust patina, with sulphur greens showing after a few years. 

Many of the wind spinners are exclusive Artwerx Australia designs and can only be purchased from its approved wholesalers.

Its Premium and Designer ranges are made in Australia and carry the Australian Made kangaroo logo.

The wind spinners are packaged carefully to avoid any damage during transportation.

Detailed user instructions are included and Artwerx has a customer service department to answer any questions.