Salt is the new black. Whether it’s salt for cooking or salt for pampering

People don’t seem to be able to get their hands on enough beautifully packaged, natural salty gift products. Visitors to the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair in August were treated to the new range of salt-based gift products from the Salt Box. 

Launched in 2011 by Rowena Frith after she discovered that good quality salt wasn’t easy to track down - with gourmet food and luxury bath salts even harder – The Salt Box stable has grown to 30-plus bespoke, natural and unique salts, making it the widest range of gourmet food and bath salts in Australia.  The Salt Box operates as an online retail store and also sells wholesale to retailers, manufacturers and restaurants and bars.

The Salt Box’s range of luxury bath and gourmet food salt gift products have been created to meet the growing demand from consumers. The mere mention of bath bombs sends the teen market crazy and foodies love the range of unique and tasty salts presented in gorgeous packaging.

The Salt Box 1

The Salt Box gourmet food range includes sets for flavour preferences; BBQ Gift Set (including Smoked Applewood, Hickory and Habanero salts), Smoky Gift Set (including Applewood, Hickory and Extra Bold smoked salts), Fiery Gift Set (including Habanero, Scorpion and Sriracha salts), and other sets for cocktails, fish, vegans, foundation salts and more. There are more than 30 all-natural, gourmet food salts sourced carefully from around the world that unlock flavour and make food sing.

And for cooks looking for an adventure, our Himalayan Pink Salt blocks are the ultimate new tool to try. Use them to cook on the BBQ, or serve with sushi, these beautiful pink rock blocks are sure to be a talking point and create memories.

The Salt Box luxury bath range includes a set of beautifully packaged bath-salt gift boxes in 3 varieties with 100% natural blends of salts and essential oils, and a larger range of salt blends are available in larger 1kg gift bags. There is also a fabulous DIY Bath Bomb Kit.

 “We believe that salt is an ingredient that matters – for nutrition, therapeutic purposes and for the soul,” says Rowena Frith, Managing Director of The Salt Box. “Salt is the world’s most essential nutrient and it gives us the minerals we need to survive. From the exquisite taste sensation of natural black truffle salt, to the rejuvenating experience of a magnesium chloride bath, natural salts are to be celebrated.”

The Salt Box is proud to be a 100% Australian owned company and is leading the charge on telling Australia that salt isn’t just salt. The Salt Box is changing the way people see salt.

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