Gift Fairs can be very exciting, with the temptation to blow the budget can be strong. Here are a few tips from the AGHA team to making your dollar go further as we head into the summer buying season:

1 – Take Advantage of Free Onsite Offerings
Most trade exhibitions offer have free services to help enhance your buying trip so make sure you utilise these. For example, AGHA Gift Fairs provide complimentary refreshments for AGHA Retailer Members in the VIP Buyers Club Lounges, and free transport services such as shuttle buses and parking.

2 – Ask Sellers if They Have Any Deals or Discounts
Many exhibitors offer exclusive fair only incentives and discounts or are. AGHA Gift Fairs make finding these sellers easy by highlighting them in the Exclusive Fair Offers pages within the Buyers Guide, available at the Dome or Hall 4 entrance.

3 – Be Generous with Investment Pieces
The adage “spend money to make money” is sometimes hard to understand (how do I make money if I’m giving it to someone else?), but in business it’s about being smart. Be generous with your high-quality products, even if this means being flexible with your units to dollar exchange, and use these to draw in your customers. Design Life in the Dome at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair is a prime example of quality, high-end products that are worth the investment.

4 – Research New Sellers Beforehand
Time is as valuable as money and can be the difference between discovering new products and only seeing your regular suppliers. Use the Exhibition Directory to look up new exhibitors before the doors open to get an idea if they are a fit for your business, and set aside time to check out the ones who look most exciting. Visiting zones such as The Launch Pad at AGHA Gift Fairs does this for you by collecting start-up wholesalers under one banner.

We look forward to seeing you put these tips into action at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 24-27 February 2018 – registration opens soon at