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Recently owner and director Sarah Quin set off to India on a buying trip for homewares and furniture wholesaler Canvas + Sasson.

Visiting suppliers in places such as Jaipur, Gurgaon and Delhi, Sarah travelled around the cities where she gained inspiration from her surroundings, from the colours of the buildings to the brightly painted trucks lining the streets.

Sarah begins her sourcing journeys by meeting with suppliers and visiting their showrooms. When designing the cushion collections, the team sit on the floor and go through different patterns and colours. With a Pantone book in hand they select different shades as well as changing trims and details to tie the design in with the vision for the collection.

The unique style of Canvas + Sasson is identified by the stunning and intricate block printed designs and handmade detail. Traditionally the carved blocks are handed down through generations as well as the printing technique. The blocks are hand carved and used to create the pattern on the fabric, sometimes the printer will use up to five blocks to create a design. The dyes used are natural and have no chemicals and the water is recycled. The blocks are washed and oiled to keep the timber from splitting, then are stored in individual boxes in a library with the pattern on the front identifying the design.

The product goes straight into production where the men and women begin the process. The roles are not as you would traditionally expect, men are the sewers and the women are the cushion finishers dealing with the fabrics, zips and threads ensuring the product is of high quality before they are packed. The cushions are then run through a metal detector to ensure any pins or sewing needles used in production are found and removed.

This process is one of the most important parts of Canvas + Sasson’s business which they believe gives a personalised touch to their products. Travelling to visit their suppliers allows Sarah to fulfil her passion and get creative, being involved from the beginning ensures that everything is how she envisioned it when it reaches their customers.