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Play Miniland is a new game concept that combines the idea of a traditional toy with digital apps for tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. It has 36 educational resources that promote the use of over 200 Miniland specialty toys.

The activities concentrate on the contents set in the school curriculum. The digital content can be used on a computer, SMART board, classroom board or tablet. At home, parents can reinforce their children’s learning, by using Miniland Educational toys and tablets, smartphones or their home computer. All active learning sessions end with a digital game, which aims to reinforce the concepts learned throughout the session.

The aim is to enrich traditional toys by adding innovative content that will then enable additional interaction, and boosting the playing experience of both children and adults. It is also a new way of learning that introduces new educational models in the classroom and which parents can use at home to enhance their children’s learning.

Play Miniland is founded on the combination of the two most important trends in modern-day learning: Active Play and Game-Based Learning. The use of the internet and video games in children’s play can result in parents losing control over the digital content being used by their children. Play Miniland offers parents the certainty of using educational digital games, whereby children can reinforce at home what they have learnt at school.


Active learning through fun activities

Miniland products carry a Play Miniland information card tag on their handle with a QR code. This QR code will take them to, which will ask them for the product code of the product they purchased.

Once entered, they specify the age of the child, the theme they want to focus on like Memory Games, Food, Dolls etc. and then content that is broken down into various topics. Play Miniland will then choose the games that will best help the child. Therefore, Play Miniland is based on active learning through play with real toys, which can be touched, shared and used, in order to learn the concepts worked on in class, but with the motivating effect provided by play.

All these resources can be accessed on the Play Miniland website, which is the hub of this innovative learning method. Resources are sorted by age, theme and educational content, and they are presented under different sections, which have been specially designed for teachers, parents and children. Perfect for a travel situation and a great compliment to the games already purchased.

With this project, Miniland Educational is at the forefront of specialty toys, by developing a fun-filled learning experience that meets the needs of today’s children, who still have a need of playing with toys, touching and sharing, but who are also accustomed to using and being surrounded by all types of screens.

Project developed in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys

Miniland Educational has developed this Project in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys, an organisation that has been providing the psych and pedagogical element to children’s games and toys for 25 years.


About Miniland Educational

Every single Miniland product is created with the aim of teaching children new skills through play. The range includes toys suitable for pre-schoolers right up to 8 year olds. Distributed for retail exclusively in Australia by Axis Toys.

See the Miniland range for yourself at AGHA Gift Fairs in August. Visit the Axis Toys team at Stand H2, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (Doors 7-10). 


Paula Opfer is the Managing Director of Axis Toys, a wholesaler of educational and ethical toys. Since starting the company in 2004 with the Lundby Doll House Range she has grown the company to be one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of classic toys and gifts from all over the world.