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Australian premier gift and candle company, Endless Candles, has released its must have Christmas candle, Gingerbread (RRP $44.50).

Their best-selling fragrance Gingerbread, features notes of ginger, vanilla, warm spices and dried fruits and now comes in a pure copper jar.

These ingredients bring a rustic and traditional Christmas aroma to your home whilst encapsulating a modern feel.

Endless Candles not only look and smell great but are good to the environment, using only the finest fragrant oils and most renewable materials.

Promoting the use of sustainable palm and soy waxes and oil, Endless Candles ensures its manufacturing process protects the environment whilst still providing customers with quality products.
The single wicked limited edition copper Jar Gingerbread Candle will provide up to 60 hours of burn time, filling your home with seasonal cheer.
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