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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is in full swing having opened over the weekend.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and its associated events are part of a program of activities supported by the City of Sydney that aims to boost the Australian Fashion industry, create more opportunities for local retailers and attract shoppers in the city centre and villages.

"Fashion is one of our most dominant retail sectors, but also one of the most vulnerable to changes in consumer spending and other global impacts," Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

"Events like this help bring more people into our city, which in turn helps boost retail sales during the launch of new season collections."

So how can you make the most of this high-interest time?

Tip No 1 – Get involved

Don’t expect the fashionistas to just come to you by magic and positive thinking. Get amongst it, support local creatives and be seen to be participating – even if that means being your own paparazzi on Instagram. Get selfies with designers, capture the models on the runways and network with local scene. Be sure to credit them in any of your social media posts by tagging their businesses.

Tip No 2 – Fly your own flag

If there is anywhere you're going to asked "where did you get that?" it is during Fashion Week, so for goodness sake be wearing your own labels and brands! Let people take pictures, carry business cards so they can find you later, and follow them on their social media accounts.

Tip No 3 – Support other creatives

Fashion Week spawns many a launch party, product showcase and mini-runway so find out where they are and refer back to Tip No 1, especially if you’re not hosting anything yourself. Will it hurt your brand to be seen supporting other local creatives? Of course not! Remember that it is their event not yours, so maintain Tip No 2 but don’t be too loud about it.

Tip No 4 – Don’t get messy

This is a big time of year for fashion and so the champagne will be a-flowing but remember you’re there on business, so keep it to a sip not a chug. Other than it looks uncouth, you want people to remember you in a positive light, and vice versa. No one has time to try to remember if it was Gary or Barry you had that great conversation with last night while nursing a hangover.

Tip No 5 – Follow up

Like any other sales meeting, you must must must follow up. Whether you met them in line at the bar, in a formal meeting or simply said you’d add them on Facebook, delivery on your promises and send a little thank you note to any hosts the next day. Send another follow up a week after to keep you on top of mind, but respect that this is going to be a busy few weeks for them, so give them some space if they don’t get back to you. Follow up with them again towards the end of the month when Fashion Week is over and they’re likely to have had a bit more breathing room.

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