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The Australian Gift & Homewares Association were pleased to be able to attend the "WGSN TrendTalk: Houseware & Home Textiles 2017 Forecast" seminar held on Wednesday, April 20 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The talk, from Gemma Riberti, Senior Editor, Lifestyle and Interiors at WGSN, discussed the concept of Housewarming and Grounded Living as the driving inspiration for trends in 2017 interiors.

Housewarming, Gemma explained, is the key concept inspiring 2017 trends, influenced by our need to feel at home and to carry that emotion with them from retail, office and residential environments. The goal of Housewarming design is to create inner and outer comfort through havens that you are happy to return to, rather than looking for comforting spaces outside of the home.

Taking this trend a step further, Grounded Living is the incorporation of Housewarming into tangible design in order to create and connect deeper to nature, warmth and tactility, whilst still maintaining modern comfort and functionality.

“Multi-functional furniture is getting more innovative; it’s about different product integrities that blend as a result of our urban lifestyles.” She said, adding that it is crucial for these innovations to use the least amount of parts for maximum possibilities.

Textiles and soft goods have been named the heroes carrying the Housewarming trend, by creating a tactile experience. You want to touch and experience, whilst also integrating the hard goods, such as appliances and technology, seamlessly into the home that modern life requires.

Flexibility is a must when designing products for today’s consumer. We increasingly need to do more with less – we live in apartments, not houses – we need to embrace modular and multipurpose design to fit this change in lifestyle. Every inch of the home is valuable real estate and anything put on or in it needs to appreciate this factor.

In the same vein of caring where our purchases are going, we care where they have come from. We want to feel connected and influenced by the world, and so we want to feel we contribute positively to it. We’ve gone back to nature, embracing our forefather’s as they discovered the value of clay, stone and raw or treated wood.

We’re looking to belong, so we support local and small batch productions, we add touches of nostalgia to our space through “old fashion” materials, such as lace, cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet, especially where our babies live to wrap them in familiarity and an air of security within the family space.

In short, take inspiration from Mother Nature herself this season and finding unique product ranges and bespoke collections which have the capability of transforming a perfectly styled interior, into a place we can call home.