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Can you mix antique and vintage pieces into modern interiors?

Quite simply the answer is – yes!

The careful juxtaposition of placing vintage pieces in a modern interior is a clever technique that interior stylists often use. There are, however, a few guidelines to consider to ensure this eclectic style of interior design comes off.

  1. Keep it simple!
    Avoid too many colours. Choose two base colours and keep all your old and new pieces within this colour palette. This also goes for the colour of the timber used to construct your furniture and decorative pieces. They don’t have to match but they must complement each other. Don’t overwhelm the eye by cluttering the space with items. Choose furniture pieces that are in proportion to the room together with a few decorative items. And remember, less is best – you don’t want a rainbow coloured room that is full of too many bits and pieces.
  2. Reclaim Reuse Recycle.
    A clever way to blend a vintage or antique piece into a modern interior is to upcycle an old couch, chair or cabinet by painting or recovering it with a contemporary colour or fabric. The use of old fruit crates on a wall makes an eye catching storage solution for kitchens, office or store merchandising.
  3. It’s ALL you.
    When starting a new project in your home, ensure the style reflects your personality and showcase pieces of your life’s journey. At the end of the day your home is where your heart is and should show a true interpretation of you and your family.