The annual buying trip to AGHA Gift Fairs is going to be even easier over the coming years, with NSW Government announcing that the Parramatta Light Rail developments will extend all the way through to Sydney Olympic Park, home of the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

The development, which is planned to commence operation from 2023, is an exciting investment, recognising Sydney Olympic Park as a growth area for business and employment, as well as a must-see destination for entertainment and recreation.

Australian Gift & Homewares Association, who host the annual AGHA Sydney Gift Fair at Sydney Showground and have long spoke of the potential of a metropolis in the area, are in full support of the proposed addition.

With tens of thousands of visitors drawn to the area to attend the Sydney Gift Fair each February, and other events held periodically throughout the year hosted by the AGHA, the Light Rail line will be a welcome addition to the already varied public transport options.