Smart-home devices and home automation systems are an exciting new product category showing exponential growth for Australian retailers. Fast-tracked by the accelerating popularity of virtual assistant platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the smart-home market is now opening up to a wider audience and can present lucrative business opportunities to savvy retailers. 

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Designed to make modern life more convenient, surging consumer demand for interconnected devices shows no signs of slowing down in 2018 and beyond. Increasingly, businesses in the gift and homewares sector are recognising the smart-home market as a clever way to diversify their product offering and attract new customers.

As the capabilities of these devices develop over time, so too does their appeal as gifts and as a first-choice product system for homeowners. The most popular smart-home devices amongst consumers are those which require minimal installation and respond to the unique needs of individual households.

Prominent trends in the sector include voice assistant integration, smart-home security systems and energy consumption monitoring. Voice-activated smart speakers, such as those made viral by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, use speech recognition technology to control home appliances, lighting or temperature settings or even a favourite playlist.

Meanwhile, smart-home security devices allows users to monitor rooms using live-feed camera footage and receive real time security alerts directly to their phone. Consumers looking to conserve energy are also embracing the technology for its ability to save money and the environment, armed with the power to monitor consumption and switch gadgets on and off remotely.

So how can gift and homewares retailers get a slice of the action?

The best way to demonstrate the benefits of smart-home technology to buyers in a tangible way is through trade exhibitions. AGHA Sydney Gift Fair is upscaling its onsite buying categories in 2019 to keep pace with the booming demand for these products.

Smart-home devices and home automation systems are set to be a new focus of AGHA Sydney Gift Fair at Sydney Olympic Park in February 2019. With newly added exhibition space available, becoming an exhibitor is a fantastic opportunity to sell technology solutions to thousands of retail buyers who are looking to add smart-home devices to their shelves.

For more information about business opportunities at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair 2019, please visit or call 1300 441 384.