As digital demands grow within the regular 9-5, as does our desire to escape from the blue screen after-hours. In response to our increasingly technological lives, creating private nooks within the home is set to be popular in 2017 and beyond.

Furniture and soft furnishings will be key in creating these private and comfortable spaces.

Enveloping sofas, egg chairs, comfortable day beds, floor cushions and ottomans will be popular, providing relaxing opportunities for the body to enjoy whilst indulging in precious silent moments. Sheepskin rugs, knitted throws and luxurious fabric will create a tranquil ambiance within these well-designed spaces whilst providing warmth, comfort and space to cocoon away within.

When selecting colours, choose light and inviting hues which will not distract from the peace within this space and instead create the tranquil environment required for a digital detox.

At the recent AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair 2016, many of our Wholesaler Members showcased furniture and homewares that are perfect for this trend. Take a look at the feature gallery below and create a peaceful and private nook in-store.