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One of our long held mantras at Profile Products (Australia) is that ‘we are only as successful as our customer’. With that in mind, our team of merchandisers have compiled their top tips to enhance your retail display. How you merchandise your store can have a huge impact on sales and more importantly the bottom line.

Want proof? Our most successful customers consistently and diligently follow the advice below.

The rule of three or odd rather than even

An odd number of elements is always more attractive to the eye than an even number. An asymmetrical arrangement is slightly off balance and keeps the eye moving around to look at each frame within the entire product offering, where as a symmetrical, perfectly balanced arrangement stops the eye in its tracks.

The pyramid principle

If you place one frame or product at the top of the display and let all of the other elements “step down” from that point, you’ll have a very effective design. It’s that top focal point that attracts attention and makes the display interesting to look at. This principle always works; you really can’t construct a ‘bad’ pyramid display.

Window display – make it eye-catching and change it often

A great window display can be a real traffic stopper and create sales for you that you would have missed without it. Make sure to change it often (once per month) to enhance your store appeal. Also consider the use of props to grab your customer’s attention.

Enhance the ambience of your store

Consider adding a classic aroma, for example a burning candle or an aroma diffuser and strategically place these throughout your store. Add music and lighting to match the right type of ambiance to your target market. A successful example is a photo store (which can smell of photo processing chemicals) using scented candles or diffusers that waft outside the store to entice shoppers inside.

Keep a fresh store appearance

Ensure you allocate extra budget to develop your store façade– this is the first thing that will be noticed by ‘would-be’ customers. Things to consider include signage, banners, windows and your front entrance and doors. Inside your store remember to maintain shelving fixtures, product showcases and other point-of-sale material. We also suggest maintaining fresh paintwork and keeping an eye out for fingerprints from product displays.

Seek inspiration

There are incredible resources available online and offline to help improve your visual merchandising. Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are a great place to start and fuel your creativity.

Need some assistance from Profile? We are here to help!

If you’d like us to visit your store and provide you with our merchandising expertise, please contact your local Account Manager or contact us as we’d love to work with you and demonstrate how the magic of effective visual merchandising can transform the look and feel of your store and improve your sales.

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Simon Apter – General Manager, Profile Products

Lindal Carnachan – Visual Merchandiser, Profile Products

James Toh – Designer & Marketing Manager, Profile Products

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