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New Account/Credit Application Form -
Use this form as a template if you have a new customer who wishes to open an account with you.

Tools & Resources for Better Business - The Commonwealth Bank has a series of e-books, online tools and an online magazine to help with every aspect of managing a business:

HR Advisory Service -

Case Study 1: How to find a correct rate of pay for an employee?
Case Study 2: What to do when an employee is underperforming?

Good gift shop software can drive business success - Just as you would not go to a general practitioner for specialist medical advice, gift and card shop owners ought to be wary of buying from a general computer business. Read the full article from Mark Fletcher.

How you can use Point of Sale technology to cut theft - Employee and customer theft in retail businesses is expensive according to a variety of international studies. Read the full article from Mark Fletcher.

Tips for foreign exchange - Some things you need to know about foreign exchange from OFX. Read the article now.

Diversifying your offering - Here are some tips when considering diversifying your product and/or service.

Visual Merchandising - Visual merchandising is a tool that retailers can utilise in their stores in order to attract and retain customers, especially in the current climate where customer attraction is becoming more and more difficult. Read the full article.

The changing face of the modern consumer - The state of the Australian and global economy has seen the emergence of a new kind of consumer who is more attuned than ever before to fluctuating national and global trends. The modern consumer demands a new type of retail market, one which adapts and evolves in accordance with their needs. Read the full article.

Looking for information on starting or running a business? - offers simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services you need for planning, starting and growing your business.